How we work?

We are transforming the Baltics’ used car market by offering our customers an outstanding, fully transparent and reliable car purchase experience. Read on and find out more about how we source and prepare our cars before delivering them to our sales location.

1. Why choose cars from Longo?
2. How are our cars prepared before appearing online?
3. How are our car photoshoots for the website done?

Why choose cars from Longo?

From the very start we at Longo have been and still are very particular about what we choose to buy and offer to you, our customer, all across the Baltics. You should know that not every car gets to become a Longo car. Before our cars are purchased in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, they undergo a close and detailed examination and evaluation, as well as thorough checks against various databases. Because we want to be absolutely certain that the quality and condition of each individual vehicle meets the standards we’ve set here at Longo.
Every Longo car:
- is competently and professionally selected and purchased by our own specialists;
- carrying a Longo Certified label has a 100% true mileage history evidenced by official documents;
- has never been stolen or been in a major accident;
- has never served as a taxi or a rental car;
- has no outstanding finance, insurance issues or debt;
- has an appropriately calculated final price – based on the car’s year of manufacture, current mileage, color, condition and technical parameters, including engine size, gearbox, transmission and other parameters.

Longo purchasing department strives unceasingly to offer our customers a wide assortment of top used cars in the Baltic region. We have more than 24 makes and over 1000 cars available online right now. Our expertise and market position allows us to continuously bring more new models to the Baltic market, expanding the available choice of offers.

More than 14 000 customers have already bought a car at Longo – because they value an outstanding purchase experience, transparent and reliable. That is what our company offers to everyone.

How are our cars prepared before appearing online?

Every used Longo car is thoroughly inspected and fully reconditioned before appearing online, so our customers can be completely confident about their future vehicle’s condition and safety!

Every Longo car completes a thorough 150-point check-list inspection at our Service Center. Our highly qualified technicians check everything – from the engine, transmission, brakes and suspension to the electrical systems, body and interior.


The 150-point inspection is split in the following stages:

1. reception (visual examination of the car on arrival to the Service Center – to make sure the vehicle’s condition hasn’t changed during transportation)
2. mechanical parts check, including service maintenance, as well as oil and filter change on every car 
3. electronic check-up
4. interior check, including cleaning and restoration
5. exterior cleaning and polishing
6. handover

More than 45 specialists work daily to prepare our used cars according to our highest selling standards.

How are our car photoshoots for the website done?

After each car has been inspected and reconditioned, the next step on its journey is a photoshoot at the first fully automated 3D photo studio in Baltics.
The studio produces 360° automotive photography for every Longo car – each car is shot from more than 455 individual angles, providing each customer with a detailed interior and exterior photo gallery, including 360° virtual tours from both inside and outside. Valuing transparency, we should note that these photos have not undergone cosmetic processing via Photoshop or other photo editing applications.

After the photoshoot, cars are posted on Longo websites across the Baltics, ready and waiting to start their journey to their new owners, our customers.
Longo offer 28 car makes with 909 cars

If You need help at any stage, do not hesitate and contact us!